[Sommet] StartUp Africa Summit 2020

StartUp Africa Summit 2020
StartUp AFRICA SUMMIT 2020 is a flagship event of the DIAFRIKINVEST and THE NEXT SOCIETY. Organized by StartUp Maroc in partnership with ANIMA Investment Network and co-financed by the European Union. It's a 3 day event designed to bring together startups, investors, industry experts and ecosystem leaders to discuss Business and investment opportunities in Africa.

13-14 February 2020 will be dedicated to a Privatebootcamp

workshops, mentoring and meeting with investors and mentors to enable the selected startups from MENA, Senegal, Cameroon and African diaspora to take the leap into the African market, share experiences and foster cooperation and investment opportunities.
Thème :
Diaspora & Startups shaping Africa
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Bibliothèque nationale du Royaume du Maroc
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Rabat- Maroc
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